Monday Motivation

Monday, May 25, 2015

"Sometimes you have to let go, until you're ready to face it again "
I had a little blog dip. I didn't felt like blogging, and I didn't had any inspiration. But I'm ready to start over. Starting with this Monday motivation. 
Note: All quotes are coming from Pinterest, which is not a source, but I do not own any of them.

It's hard to let go of people of who treat you like shit. I should realize who is not worth my attention. And of course, I have to start loving myself more.
This quote reminds me of many friends of me. Some of them have been trough the worst, but that doesn't change my love for them. No matter which mistakes they made. Our friendship is stronger. And I hope that counts for people who know about my history too.
 Lately, I have the feeling that I do not mean that much for many people. I wanna be someones favorite hello and hardest goodbye someday. I know love comes slowly, but sometimes I'm afraid I'll be the old lady with 50 cats.
Adventure is all I need right now. Soon there will be so many changes in my life. Change is scary but regretting choices is even scarier. So I'm so ready for adventure. (more in the following weeks, keep tuned!)
I think, this is clear. I know I have to let go of someone who is holding me back. Because you can not fight alone for something that someone else is not fighting for. The only battle I couldn't win, was gaining his respect a bit more. Letting go doesn't take away the pain, but it will set my mind free someday.
Which quote has been your motivation this week?

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  1. Ik vind de vierde quote erg mooi! Xx

  2. Hoi Melissa!
    Wat jammer dat je een beetje een blogdip hebt (ik ook :( echt vervelend!), maar dan is het weer mooi om te beginnen met deze motivatie quotes! Die tweede quote is echt prachtig :).

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