Frustration all over

Monday, June 22, 2015

Count your blessings, be happy. Share your happy moments of the day. But don't we all get frustrated sometimes?  I present to you: Things I dislike part 2. 
Sidenote: This is just a post for fun. I'm not unhappy or depressed. Just having some frustrations. 

In the category of people: 
1. People who say: "Harry Potter is done, you should let go of it."
"Eum, why in god sake would I do that? Harry Potter has, is and will be part of my life. It's not because there are no more books coming that I don't re-read, re-watch or just waste my time on Pottermore. Oh, I'll send you all a postcard from Hogwarts soon. "

2. People who always have to gossip or comment/say mean things.
"Have you ever thought about being nice for once? It will help you to get rid of the anger feelings you're holding on too. Not everything that I post/say needs a mean comment. Thank you! Oh and btw, talking behind someones back or playing mean games is weak, did you know that?" 

3. People who treat you like crap
"How hard can it be to just tell me what I did wrong? How hard can it be to answer a question or at least answer a message. I feel people often take other people for granted. We are all human, you know. Same feelings as you have. "

In the category of other things: 

4. Commercials
"I freaking hate them. The commercials are often longer than the show. Just hate them." 

5. "This is not allowed in your country."
"Where the hell do I live? Freaking Narnia?"

6. Making choices
"I just suck in picking the right answer to questions. I hate to choose. So please, don't torture me." 

7. Becoming an adult 
"I'm just not ready. I wanna lay in bed, watch tv shows. I do not wanna worry about work, children,.."

8. Expensive things
"I should buy new shoes, oh wait. I'm poor. I do not have any money to buy my flight back." 

9. Busy heads
"Shut up, will you please shut up?Sorry guys. I'm talking to all those tiny human beings inside my head. They always panic and they never ever shut up." 

10. Painting my nails
" Really? Yes really. I find it pretty hard to do that. My hands looks like a color book." 

What do you dislike?

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  1. I dislike paiting my nails too: it always gets messed up and then I'll have to do it all over again. And you made me laugh with 'Oh, I'll send you all a postcard from Hogwarts soon.' Here's another HP lover. :) xo Rowan

  2. Even as an adult you can lay in bed and watch TV shows :-)

  3. People who make promisses they don't keep!

  4. Hahah #8, yes! I hate people who can't drive, yet take up space on the highway, like please get off the road

    xx -n
    Naomi in Wonderland


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