Personal: a day in my life

Friday, June 05, 2015

Stress? Exams? No way José. I'm totally relaxed. I only have one exam, so I spend most of my time relaxing before I'll start work. I share with you, a day in my life. 

Waking up. Ah, thank God for long sleeps.

Breakfast: Cereals with yoghurt and orange juice! And the finale of Britain got talent (in delay! Thank God for satellite television) 

Meet my husband to be. The amazing Mister Calumn Scott. 

Spending time with the Queen. (Lazy? Who? Me!) 

Oh, already lunch time? Hummus and toast. Jummy in my tummy.

You know what I do not like about renting books? You have to bring them back. Time for a visit to the library. (Books: The Manny & Godverdomse dagen op een godverdomse bol.)

Daddy arrived home. And he brought me our printed magazines. "Proud proud proud!"
Wanna read Felice? No worries, you can read it online here.

And then this lazy chick forgot to take pictures, but I didn't do much more. I love those lazy days.

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  1. Wat ontzettend gaaf jullie blad Felice! Tof gedaan :)

  2. Awww die poezenfoto<3 Zo lief.

  3. Haha! De godsdienstleerkracht in je magazine, Karlien.. Wij hebben samen gestudeerd ;)


Reacties zijn gemodereerd. Maar maken mij ontzettend blij ;)