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Wednesday, July 08, 2015

A couple of weeks ago I wrote my first Harry Potter post. Today we continue with actors kissed by age. Who are they? And where or what are they doing currently?

Matthew Lewis, also known as Neville Longbottom 
 26 year old Matthew is mostly known from his role as Neville. Matthew is a big rugby fan.
He joined the Harry Potter cast at the age of 11. Which inspired him to get a number 11 tattoo on his left arm. But Neville wasn't his first role ever. He have been acting since the age of five.
He also stands up for feminism. During the filming of Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix, Helena Carter, who portrays Bellatrix, accidentally ruptured Matthew's eardrum with her wand. In 2016, Matthew will be seen in Me Before you, his latest project. He also played the boyfriend in the music video of the Buriers.

© Matt Lewis Instagram

Evanna Lynch, also known as Luna Lovegood 
 23 years old Evanna is almost the same as her character. Creative and unique, but such as Luna, all in a good way. Evanna was a big fan of the Harry Potter books, she decided to write letters to J.K Rowling, and she included some personal information. Later on, she auditioned for the role of Luna.
While being on set, Evanna still got tutored.  In 2012, after the Harry Potter final, she again played Luna Lovegood on stage, this time in a parody called A very potter senior year. Evanna's latets project is My name is Emily, which will be released very soon. She is a vegan animal lover, who spends her free time on saving the animals. Also she stands up for equal rights. What's not to love about her? Her tweets are by the way very Luna-ish.
©Evanna Lynch Facebook

James Phelps, also known as Fred Weasley. 
29 years old James and his twin brother (read below) Oliver joined an open audition for the Weasley twins. James is the youngest brother, with 13 minutes difference. James is a big fan of bands such as the Foo Fighters, Green day, and Bon Jovi. He had to dye his hair ginger for the entire Harry Potter series. His latest project was Own Worst Enemy, where again he stood besides his twin brother.
He discovered the death of his character Fred when traveling trough Asia. "I was reading the book on the train, when I discovered Fred dies. He tried to tell the ticket man that he just died." Just like all the other Harry Potter cast members, James is doing some charity.

Oliver Phelps, also known as George Weasley. 
Oliver has a mole in his neck, which makes it easy to keep the twins apart. Fun fact about Oliver is that he hates rats, so he did not like working with a rat in the movies. Both of the twins are travelers, but Olivers has his own website called Jop World.   His latest project was also Own Worst Enemy, where again he stood besides his twin brother. And he is very much into sports. 
 © Oliver

Who is your favorite?

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  1. Wat leuk dit Melissa!
    Mijn favo blijft Emma Watson haha. Can't help it. Samen met Snape, die was mijn favo al vanaf het begin.


Reacties zijn gemodereerd. Maar maken mij ontzettend blij ;)