This was spring

Sunday, July 05, 2015

Summer is here. Hooray! Spring is gone. So how have I spent my spring 2015 ?


Traveled to Berlin for a week. I had a blast, needless to say. 

Most of my time, I spent having fun with friends.

My sister, a friend and I went live blogging, which you can read here! We got invited to work with them in the future.

Julie, Karen and I hosted our own radio show (Fortune!)

I went to the concert of Balthazar (picture credits: Studio Brussel) 

We cheered for Loïc during the Eurovision.

Friends, friends, friends.. without them spring wasn't as fine. 

Spring also means work and lots of me-time.(Selfie after a mask!) 

And my body got kissed by the sun!(My cat likes to tan too!) 

Oh and I met and interviewed the cool members of The Leisure Society.  

And brave as I am, I went to give blood for a second time. 

My spring was pretty wonderful, I can't wait to see what Summer will bring.
How was yours?

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  1. Zo te zien heb je er keiveel mooie momenten opzitten :) Leuke foto's :)!

  2. Wat knap dat je bloed geeft :) Ik vind het jammer dat ik niet mag (bloedarmoede) want heb een zeldzame bloedgroep.

  3. wow you went to Berlin? That's so fun! So glad you had fun with your friends. You sure had a great time :)
    Jade x

  4. Ik heb een gelijkaardige foto van mij in Berlijn (en iedereen die ooit met TMM naar Berlijn ging ook denk ik LOL)! Ik ben er zeker van dat uwe zomer er even prachtig uit zal zien :-)

  5. Geweldig begin van het jaar, lijkt me!


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