The not-so-perfect side of Roma

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Hello everyone,

A couple of weeks ago my sister and I traveled to the beautiful city Rome. The good and the do's will be online soon, but I also have to share some DO NOT DO THIS in this city. Unfortunately not everything is perfect in this city. And here's what we are not pleased about.

1. Hotel service
 If you're booking a place in Rome, make sure you know what you're paying for. Since my sister and I won this trip, we did not had the chance to check the room before. The website of our hotel only showed the renewed rooms. We, on the other hand, got a room where the bathroom was worser than hell. Our shower was broken, the floor was dirty, the wall was broken too, and the toilet was so old that you had to wait almost 10 minutes to flush again. Also the people were not friendly either. We tried to spend as less time as possible in our hotel, just because it was this terrible to be there.

Tip: So if you're planning to travel to Rome, please read lots of reviews before booking somewhere. If you stay in a hostel or at a campingsite, you also do not pay the tourist tax. 

2. Food and drinks 
I really feel that Rome is a city of cheaters. Lots of restaurants, but they try to trick you. For example they are showing menus for low prices. (10 for food and drinks), but what they do not say is that it does not include your service, and that if you want order a soda, you have to pay more too.

Tip: Read the small letters on the menu, if it says service not included, please take another one. They can ask you whatever price for their service. If you got tricked, just don't give them a tip anymore. The service cost is their tip. Also find places before you're going there, like for example by using trip advisor. 

Not only they trick you by making you pay service costs. They also ask four euros for a soda that isn't real. My sister ordered a Fanta the first day, which was made in Poland and didn't taste like the real Fanta. The guy made us pay four euros for a drink, we can buy in Belgium for 90 cents.

Tip: always ask before ordering drinks, and do not buy soda's if you do not want to pay an unfair price. Also don't buy water from the guys on the street, go into stores, you"ll safe lots of money. 

3. Global postal Service
And the last thing I have to share is the GPS-system. If you're buying postcards, ask for the normal Italian mailbox stamps. The Global postal service is cheating on you. If I knew before, I would never buy them. 3 weeks after leaving Rome, our cards did not arrive yet. I read lots of bad reviews on trip advisor. The lady where we bought the stamps told us that we had normal stamps, so she tricked us.
Tip: ask for normal stamps or go to the post office to buy the stamps.

Just in general, don't be naive when  you're walking in Rome. The people there are tricking tourists all the time. They don't really steal your money out of your hands, but on a clever way they will steal your money after all. Be careful.

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  1. Hi Melis!
    Ah, ik hoop wel dat jullie het leuk hebben gehad joh, ondanks dit.
    Ik ken het wel inderdaad, de service prijs bij restaurants. Meer restaurants in het buitenland hebben dat, en zo kennen wij dat natuurlijk niet!
    En echt heel rot van je hotel :( waar je verblijft telt ook echt mee voor de hele ervaring van je reis!

  2. Zo jammer! Ik ben nog nooit naar Rome geweest en wist dus ook niet dat ze daar zo met toeristen omgingen. Hopelijk heb je daar toch een fijne tijd gehad :-).

    En nu weet ik ook waarom ik een tijdje niet op je blog kon, mooie nieuwe lay-out!

    1. Haha, eigenlijk heb ik mijn lay-out pas gisteren veranderd. Maar ik had mijn blog privé gezet wegens een stalker en vergeten terug publiek te zetten ;)


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