Travel: Santa Marinella

Friday, August 28, 2015

Italy is warm during the summer months, therefore a beach day is welcome.

My sister and I traveled to Santa Marinella, almost a hour away from Rome city. 

The train leaves at Termini (The head station of Roma). Be on time, since the train left at track 27, which is almost at the end of the big station.Traveling to Santa Marinella isn't expensive.
We payed €9,20/P both ways with Trenitalia. 

Unfortantly we picked the wrong day, because we got into a thunderstorm. Crazy experience if you ask me, but in the late afternoon the sun came trough and we enjoyed a bit of the seaside.

The non-free part of the beach 
If you walk for almost ten minutes you'll reach the public part of the beach, or the free one. Don't expect to much of it, remember we are in Italy, where they want to get paid for everything. The free part of the beach is just a bunch of sand with in a corner. Not lots of space.
If you're in Santa-Marinella, don't stay at the beach. Wander around and discover some beautiful places where you can enjoy the view and lots of other things.

Tip: check the weather forecast in advance so you know what to expect. 

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