Goodbye June

Sunday, December 11, 2016

* Deze post is eenmalig terug in het Engels geschreven omdat June een Amerikaanse connectie was. En mijn talen zijn duidelijk even verroest door de emoties, dus excuses voor eventuele fouten. 

Dear June, 

The sun is still rising every morning, but my world is no longer the same. I lost the brightest light. There are not enough words to describe how heartbroken I am. You were one of my favorite humans alive. I knew that many of the goodbyes I said, might have been farewells, but I just can't accept and believe that you're one of those. 

Without you, there wouldn't have been an American story to relive. When I was ready to give up and when my hair was falling out, you were there. You send me calm messages and took all over. You and your positive attitude fixed all my paper work and you made it possible for me to work at North Country Public Radio. You didn't know me, but that didn't matter to you, you were always helping out, no matter the cost. 

I will always remember the day we first met. You came running out of the office: 'I thought I heard you.' You hugged me and welcomed a stranger in your life. You made me feel welcome and loved, even though we just met. And even if my adventure wasn't always perfect, you were standing by my side with a big bucket of compliments, hugs and many love. I am sure that there is no soul in this world that can say that they did not love you, because you were easy to love. You were the definition of love. 

Thanks to my past, I gave up on love, but you made me believe in true love again. All the stories you told me about Joel and you and how you were still in madly in love with him. You told me not to block love out, not because of my fear of getting hurt. You showed me that people could love me if I would let them. You taught me how easy and simple loving can be. "Love with your heart, and not your brain", is what you said. You loved every creature alive, humans and animals.

Do you remember that you drove me trough the snow, just to the other side of the road so I could get my caramel Latte? I could have walked but you wanted to go with me. And you brought us so much food. Donuts, caked you made and the worst part was that you couldn't even eat yourself most of the time because of your allergies. You made me gain American pounds my dearest. I can't stop laughing when I think back of the conversation we had about me getting fat. You smiled and said: "you are imagining the weight. just enjoy the good food." Whenever I feel fat now, I will think back of that moment in your office. But I was really gaining weight so you bought me a membership for the pool and you invited me to join your Zumba Class. I was so nervous the first time I joined, but you made it so much fun. You didn't care that I tripped over my own feet or that I was seconds late with almost every move. The group was so diverse, but you made every of us feel welcome, unique and loved. I will remember your enthusiasm and how I tired I got from just looking at you. 
You were the warmest person I met. You didn't care about looks, colors, backgrounds or whatever, you loved everyone.

The day I left NCPR you made me a cheesecake. We hugged and we cried. You made me promise to return to you. I will keep my promise June, someday I'll be there to see you again and to remember us and our beautiful time. You also made me promise that I would never give up on my dreams and that I would at least try to succeed. I will try the hardest with you in my heart. Time will heal the pain I feel right now, but it won't take away the memories. My dearest June, you will always be with me. You are my inspiration and my hero and I want to be as amazing as you were. I will spread love just as you did. I will carry your light with me for the rest of my life.

I love you so much. 

Goodbye June,
Melissa xXx 

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  1. Zij lijkt me een bijzonder mooie vrouw. Laat die mooie herinneringen maar komen en dikke dikke knuffel!


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